Mar 222010

Over the years, the credit repair industry has come under a negative light. Many companies that promise to improve their clients’ credit have charged exorbitant fees and delivered few results. Internet-based repair companies usually charge clients $79.95 a month without ensuring a specific end date, and it is in their interest to extend the credit repair process. This ends up costing the consumer a lot of money and taking months and months to complete.

For example, if the credit repair company only sends out five letters a month, this process could take one to two years to increase the clients’ scores, resulting in nearly $2,000 in fees.

The other problem with the large Internet credit-repair companies is that The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that any third party sending out dispute letters on behalf of its client can be considered frivolous and therefore discarded by the credit bureaus. The Internet companies do not have their clients send the letters, and instead they send the letters for their clients. Due to the FCRA law, the credit companies can just ignore the letters.

The law further states that if a consumer disputes the accuracy of his credit report it must be investigated or deleted within 30 days. If the repair company is sending out letters on its client’s behalf, and the credit bureaus can ignore claims made by third parties, then the repair companies’ attempts most likely will not be successful. What good does that do the consumer?

That is why consumers need a company like Credit Justice Services (CJS). Employees at CJS help consumers fight negative information in a timely and direct manner.
The reason CJS has a high success rate is because it’s open and transparent about the credit repair process. It provides clients with a clear-cut timeline, which ensures the consumer isn’t wasting time or money.

CJS is also successful because it has a detailed and proven process for disputing the negative items. By having our clients review and sign each letter, we can make certain that the credit bureaus take disputes seriously. It our proven approach that has helped more than 18,000 people since 2004.

Douglas Muir, CEO

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