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Everyone in our organization has a role to play in CJS marketing. When it comes down to it, our consumers don’t care about what we do. They care about what we can do for them, and how our services make them feel. In today’s highly advertised world, we must spread our consistent message of consumer protection and efficient credit repair in the most basic and powerful way available – by word of mouth.

Word-of-mouth marketing is all about passing on information verbally, especially recommendations. When people get a product recommendation from a friend, they are more likely to use that product than if they see it advertised on TV. Although word-of-mouth referrals happen naturally, it is our job to make sure the message being spread about our company is positive and consistent.

We must give people a reason to talk about our services and make it easier for that conversation to take place. We cannot just focus on closing an account or signing up a customer, but instead we need to offer excellent customer service and extended services that show we care about the consumer’s wellbeing.

Consider giving people handouts on the basics of credit or having an after-hours seminar aimed at increasing credit worthiness. E-mail current articles or blogs on topics that your individual clients might find interesting, either relating to their businesses or your own. Be discerning in what you give out so that you don’t annoy people, but send them items you truly feel are beneficial to them.

These simple ideas will get people talking about your wonderful services, and a happy customer is your best endorsement. It’s a natural thing for people to talk and share their discoveries. People like to be helpful and to feel important and useful, and that’s why they give advice to one another. And if you give them something to talk about, that advice they share will be about you.

By giving clients a great experience, word-of-mouth marketing spreads your message. Use the tips below to help your own referral base.

• Give people something to talk about.
• Don’t just pass out brochures. Brochures are important, but they’re more effective when combined with great customer service and unique extended services.
• Feed the grapevine by providing new information. Don’t be afraid to brag about what you do.
• Focus on the new. New technologies, new products, new regulations, etc.
• Personalize the messages you send to relate to your individual clients.
• Collect and use stories and testimonials to enhance the public view of your business.
• Enlist the entire company and motivate people to talk about services and client experiences.
• Wear your message through promotional items and clothing.
• Have fun – remember that you should enjoy what you do and it will show in your work.

Douglas Muir, CEO

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