Jan 072009

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over and it’s back to business. As the reality of the coming year sets in, and warm memories of connecting with friends and family begin to fade, I’m faced with the first Monday of the New Year. I’m focused on my tighter pants and a slimmer wallet.

I’ve got my list of my New Year’s resolutions written down. On New Year’s Eve and Day I customarily reflect on what’s past and what I desire in the future. In my personal life, I vowed to visit the gym more, say “No” to dessert, reduce my caffeine intake, get to bed on time, and finally clean out the basement. In my business life I vowed to be better organized, develop a system to track leads and call backs, do more research about credit repair and related industries, and MAKE MORE MONEY!

As I shopped for Christmas gifts I heard from retail employees that business was slow because spending was down. Many of my friends expressed to me that they had less under the Christmas tree this year. More and more people I spoke to had made decisions to conserve resources based on uncertainty and fear. It’s no secret that our economy has people uncomfortable, including me. I eagerly wait for our new President to lead us to greener pastures. I wait for the market or the economy to change and to see evidence of better days. But I know the truth is that real empowerment means changing my own personal situations and not relying on outside circumstances to solve issues or carry me magically forward to my goals. I am the driver of my own destiny and happen to be in a position to also help others achieve their dreams.

At Credit Justice Services, we have a simple and easy business opportunity to assist people to create more financial security in today’s economy. People can start their own national credit repair company from home, on their own time, and make a few thousand dollars a month. What better way to earn extra income than from a service that helps others achieve the credit scores they deserve by protecting their credit rights? We’ll even help you start your own CJS business by providing personal training, an interactive web site, support staff, marketing material, and training manuals and webinars.

Contact us for more information today at [email protected] or 904-757-0880/866-380-0067.

Meg Murphy
Account Executive,
VP of Training and Development
Credit Justice Services

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