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During the last 10 years, I’ve been blessed to have several of my companies reach success and to achieve my entrepreneurial goals. I’ve watched CJS grow and expand to more than 46 states, and now – because of the commitment and hard work of my CCCs and AEs – it is the fourth-largest credit repair company in our country.

However, over the years, I’ve come to realize that some of my most rewarding moments have been volunteering in my community. Most recently, these efforts have included volunteering as coach of the Fernandina Beach High School wrestling team. The Florida Times-Union newspaper and the Scotsman Guide were kind enough to feature my philanthropic endeavors in their publications. Please visit (insert link) to read the articles.

I want to encourage all AEs and CCCs to get involved with a cause in their communities. There are several positive benefits to community service, and most people are surprised by how many business leads they receive while working toward a goal with other like-minded people. The following list provides some reasons to get involved.

1. Community participation is a great way to feel connected to the area in which you live.

2. The best networking happens when you’re participating in something you enjoy.

3. Traditional functions, such as Chamber of Commerce networking meetings, can get stale after awhile, especially if you keep running into the same crowd of people. Break out of that networking rut!

4. When you volunteer for a cause, you can give something back to the community while also gaining trust and respect from the people around you.

5. Forming relationships outside of work may attract new clients. In today’s economy, everyone knows someone experiencing credit problems.

At CJS, we are all dedicated to consumer rights. Since we are in this fight for more than just money, it is our social responsibility to participate in our communities. Being an AE or a CCC with CJS means reaching out to people who need help, and being a community volunteer is a perfect way to spread that message.

Douglas Muir, CEO

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