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What we do

Credit Justice Services is an organization founded and led by a group of financial experts. The President, Douglas Muir, takes on the challenge of ensuring that his team of consultants performs the duties outlined by Credit Justice Services and the Federal Government. The vision of Mr. Muir and his associates is to create a network of solutions for consumers who are experiencing unwarranted credit problems.

Mr. Muir is teamed up with a variety of experienced consultants in the areas of financial management, accounting, and mortgage banking. His team of experts has facilitated Credit Justice Services in becoming a valuable source of solutions for its clients.

Prior to Credit Justice Services, Mr. Muir was an owner of a large national subrogation/collection agency located in Florida, and his areas of expertise were insurance subrogation and collections of outstanding bank debt. With his background in the collections field, Mr. Muir and his team of experts are able to provide reliable results through experience.

Mr. Muir’s goal is to help his clients reestablish good credit with all three credit bureaus in as few as 90 days and to provide a service to his corporate clients so that they may do the same. Credit repair can be frustrating to say the least. This is why Credit Justice Services’ experience and determination to help their clients have been so successful.

Executive team

Douglas A. Muir, President 

Douglas A. Muir


Douglas Muir is the founder and CEO of Credit Justice Services (CJS), which has helped thousands of consumers improve their credit since 2004.Muir speaks nationally to mortgage, real estate and finance professionals about how to increase their clients’ credit scores. His impressive response has propelled CJS into one of the largest credit repair organization in the United States.

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